Garden City saves money and energy

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – Garden City officials have been discussing energy efficient improvements for about four years.

“We’re charged with delivering the most reliable, cheapest energy we can,” said Mike Muirhead, Public Utilities Director.

A recent audit paved the way to approving $3.5 million in energy efficient improvements.

“The expense that it takes for us to do these upgrades will be offset by the energy savings we have,” said Mayor Janet Doll.

It should take about a decade to recoup the money through savings.  “Anything ten years and out is just pure savings to the city,” Muirhead said.

An effective and simple improvement will be to switch out existing street lights for more energy efficient LED bulbs.  That change alone will save about $120,000 each year.  Plus they’ll improve thermostat controls and insulation in most city buildings.

“I like the fact that our city is progressive and we think ahead and think about our environment,” Doll said.

On top of going green, the changes will help save taxpayer dollars in the long run.

“Ultimately it will help keep costs down, it’s just a no brainer,” Muirhead said.

The changes should all be completed within the next year.

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