Elderly man’s car vandalized in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kansas – It is a shock for 84-year-old Louis Wintholz and his son Adam. His car was recently stolen, leaving the elderly Great Bend resident without any way of getting around.

“They made it to where it will never be drivable again, the only man’s transportation to his doctor’s appointments to whatever he needs they have now robbed from him,” said Adam Wintholz.

The car was covered in graffiti. It’s windows and tail lights smashed out. Officers say vandalism is a growing problem in the area.

“The past month or so we’ve been receiving some graffiti in Great Bend, mostly in the southeast or southcentral portion of the city,” said Lt. David Bailey with the Great Bend Police Department.

Police say they believe juveniles are behind the crimes.

“We’ve spoken to some juveniles and some have admitted involvement in these cases and we’re continuing our investigation,” said Lt. Bailey.

For Louis Wintholz, that’s not much consolation, as he’s still left without a car.

“It was a good old car, it had a rusted top, but it was a good car.”

“I do hope that some of them have admitted to it and that they bring them to justice, and it’s not just a slap on the wrist, I would like to see them pay for it, and I think he deserves restitution out of this,” said Adam Wintholz.

The Great Bend Police Department requests that anyone with information on the graffiti to call them at 620-793-4120

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