Weather threatens start of Garden City professional baseball

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – The Garden City Wind, along with teams out of Las Vegas and Trinidad, plan to host open try outs at Clint Lightner Park Saturday evening, and a lot of young hopefuls will come out to show their skills.

League officials say they’re staying optimistic, but will keep it safe and will take players off the field if necessary.

“Nature, God controls the game,” said Triggers Pitcher Josh Ganus.

Weather is a major concern as 135 baseball players head to Garden City for Pecos league spring training.  On Saturday they’re hosting open try-outs…

“Basically people are coming from all over the country to play anywhere,” said Commissioner Andrew Dunn. “We’re looking for guys that can help teams win, so it’s going to be a good time.”

Unfortunately, weather could hit while they have players scheduled to be on the field.

“Large hail, golf ball size or larger, could cause some serious damage and injure people very quickly,” warned Anthony Cruz with Finney County Emergency Management.

Typical protocol at the city-owned field is to cancel youth league games when bad weather is a concern, but professional teams tend to wait out the storms.

“They usually take a look at the radar before, but they try to get every single game in,” Ganus said.

Dunn says they’ll clear the field and postpone if necessary, but they say rain alone would not stop them.

“It’ll drain off the turf so they won’t just have puddles out there,” said Recreation Commission Sports Director Jared Rutti.

The Big Pool locker rooms serve as the closest shelter in the event of a tornado or high winds.

So organizers will keep an eye on the radar as players and the league are looking forward to the start of professional baseball in Garden City.

“It’s just brought entertainment, it’s brought a very competitive sport with players on the way up.  We’re excited to get things going,” said Dunn.

Fans are allowed to come and watch training for free, but if the weather becomes an issue they can always  wait for the season to officially start on May 19th.

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