Wild turkey trashes bathroom, floods Rhode Island house

WARWICK, Rhode Island (WPRI) — Nancy Page first thought a pipe burst when she returned home late last week and saw water pouring from the garage ceiling. When she went upstairs and checked the bathroom, she discovered the real culprit.

“I saw the red head and neck, and I knew that was a turkey,” Page said.

The wild turkey had crashed through the bathroom window, and somehow turned on the sink. It also left behind its own mess.

“Turkey poop. Everywhere,” according to Page.

She first called 911, then called her husband. Dan Peres was teaching a class at New England Tech when he got the strange news.

“I told them I had to end class early. I said a turkey had crashed its way through our bathroom window,” Peres said. “They looked at me like, ‘What? can you repeat that?’”

Police and an animal control officer came to the house, caught the turkey, and released it outside.

Page and Peres had to throw out the bathroom sink, because it had been running for two or three hours. They also said they were looking at thousands of dollars in water damage.

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