Kansas Supreme Court halts school funding discussions

(KSN File Photo)

TOPEKA, Kansas – The Kansas Supreme Court Thursday afternoon issued a court order, informing state lawmakers their discussions on school funding may need to be stopped.

The order from the court says panel of three judges will meet May 7 to decide whether the block grant school funding plan, known as Senate Bill 7 and passed in April by the Kansas Legislature, fairly funds education in the state. If the panel decides it does not, lawmakers could be ordered to return to the old school funding formula.

If that court rules next Thursday that the block grant formula is not giving enough money to public education, lawmakers would be ordered to go back to the old way schools were funded, as written in House Bill 2506.

An attorney working on the case told KSN News that lawmakers were ordered to pay more for education this year, but the new block grant funding did away with that court order.

“The Supreme Court hit the pause button on the implementation of Senate Bill 7, which would then cause the old law and House Bill 2506 to be operative,” explained attorney, Alan Rupe.

Thursday’s court order means lawmakers could be ordered to provide additional funding for Kansas schools after the May 7 hearing.

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