Former WSU women’s basketball player speaking out

WICHITA, Kansas – Brittany Taylor no longer plays competitive basketball, after being part of the WSU women’s 2011-12 team.

“It definitely wasn’t a good experience for me,” says Taylor. “It took the fun out of the game for me the year I was there. It took me a while to get over that.”

Taylor says she was a walk on player for 2011-12. She says, as a walk on, she worked hard. But, she had concerns about the coaching style of coach Jody Adams. She also says she’s not surprised some players are leaving the program.

“You really didn’t have much confidence,” says Taylor. “She (Coach Adams) never really built confidence or allowed you to have confidence. It was always a negative perspective on things.”

While there are several current players leaving the team, claiming mental and verbal abuse, there are plenty of supporters of Coach Adams.

KSN talked to former assistant WSU women’s coach Carlai Moore this week, who defends the style of coach Adams.

“You have to think about the perception of reality in an 18 or 19 year old versus what adults are trying to present them,” said Moore. “We’ve been where they are. We know what it takes to get to the top, and right now, they’re experiencing that growing process. So, as an 18 or 19-year-old, you think everything is tough. You think you’re being reared unfairly because no one has pushed you to that level of potential you have and that’s what Jody did.”

There are more speaking out in defense of Coach Adams.

One sports website has numerous former players calling Coach Adams a good coach, and good friend.

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But with current players leaving the team, WSU has appointed a person to look into allegations of “abuse” surrounding the program.

Taylor says she and other players voiced concerns back in 2011-12 to the Athletic Director.

“But that didn’t go anywhere,” claims Taylor.

Taylor also wants to point out that she believes college athletes are tough. But she also claims Adams coaching style is too negative.

“I just want the right thing to be done. I want people to know that these players are tough and if you’ve never been in a college sport environment, you don’t understand that.”

KSN reached out to Jody Adams this week, but Adams said it would not be appropriate to comment now. The coach said she will talk, when the time is right.


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