WSU confirms internal review of women’s basketball coach

Former Wichita State coach Jody Adams (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

WICHITA, Kansas – Allegations of verbal and mental abuse involving Wichita State Women’s basketball coach Jody Adams are now in the stage of an official “internal review” according to the university.

“When four players announced that they wanted to leave the team, and two of them were starters, it raised questions that appeared to be worthy of review,” says Lou Heldman, VP of Strategic Communications at Wichita State University.

Four players, Michaela Dapprich, sister Moriah Dapprich, Alie Decker and Kayla White have announced they will transfer out of the program.

KSN asked if the NCAA has been contacted about the allegations of mental and verbal abuse by some former players.

“No one has discussed any potential NCAA matters,” says Heldman. “This is strictly an internal review.”

Heldman, who met with University President Dr. John Bardo Monday morning, says the President of the University has appointed someone to officially look into the allegations swirling around the WSU women’s basketball program.

“The President appointed the faculty athletic representative Julie Scherz who is a professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, to talk to the players, coaches, anyone with direct knowledge of the program and how it’s run,” says Heldman. “And he asked Dr. Scherz what the experiences have been, and report to him.”

Heldman points out this review could take time, and says the University has no official stance on the allegations at this time.

“The review,” says Heldman, “It’s going as fast as it can while still being extremely careful to make sure that all the people are listened to who need to be listened to.”

KSN reached out to Jody Adams today.

“Respectfully, it’s not appropriate for me to comment at this time,” said Adams.


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