USD 308 Hutchinson approves LOB increase

Hutchinson Board of Education (KSN File Photo)

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – The Hutchinson Board of Education USD 308 approved moving the local option budget to its maximum amount on Monday evening without the need for a special election.

A district can go above a 30 percent local option budget only if they already have a scheduled election and this motion expressed the intent of the district to raise the local option budget to 30 percent.

Under the block grant formula newly implemented by the Kansas Legislature, the district has seen it’s classroom budget cut and faces increased costs for normal operating expenses.

The district has also made close to $460,000 of cuts for the 2015-2016 budget.

USD 308 does not have to go to the full 30 percent local option budget but now has the authority if needed.

The district would’ve lost its ability to go up to the full 30 percent if it hadn’t declared its intent prior to June 30th.

The board also approved the reconfiguration of of McCandless Elementary School in 2016-2017 which will remove a track of classes saving the district $350,000.


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