Storm damage cleanup continues in Lucas

Sylvan-Lucas school damage (KSN photo / Molly Hadfield)

LUCAS, Kansas – Storms hit much of Kansas on Friday night. Lucas got some of the worst damage.

“I went outside, it sounded like a monster,” said Olga Vazquez about the storm on Friday night.

“I’ve been born and raised in this area, and I’ve never seen a hailstorm like that before,” said Mark Lovan, School Board President of USD 299.

Cleanup is underway in Lucas after tennis ball sized hail broke windows and damaged roofs.

“It’s pretty messy, but people are pulling together and helping each other out,” said Tess Dunkel-McKnight a Lucas resident.

Some of the worst damage is a Lucas-Sylvan Elementary school.

“The cleanup started immediately after the storm, we had very good community turnout for volunteers,” said Lovan.

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There are 30 skylights at Lucas-Sylvan elementary. They were all broken out by hail Friday, causing flooding all over the school.

“We had about 30 people covering all those skylights and windows to keep anymore water from entering,” said Lovan.

Vehicles also took a beating as many windshields were knocked out. With an entire town cleaning up, people are simply glad that no one was hurt.

“It was like a swimming pool of broken hail balls all over the place,” said Dunkel-McKnight.

“I guess nature can destroy anything, and I believe it,” said Vazquez.

Lucas-Sylvan schools were closed on Monday because of storm damage.

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