Puppy plucked from dumpster

PHOENIX, Arizona (KPNX) – How far would you go to save a puppy? Joanna Cipriani wouldn’t let a dumpster stop her.

She saved a 7-day-old puppy she found crying in a Glendale, Arizona dumpster, inside a Panda Express bag.

It was midnight when Cipriani ran across a community Facebook page called Straydar. The original post was from someone under the impression there were kittens in the dumpster.

I wasn’t doing anything, so I grabbed two of my kids and headed out there,” Cipriani said.

When she arrived, the dumpster was full but she was determined to find where that cry was coming from.

“Honestly, I wanted to cry,” Cipriani said. “it was rolled up as if someone had just discarded their lunch.”

Lucky for her, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

“I don’t see how people can be so heartless for anything living,” she said.

After she took the puppy to an emergency clinic in Glendale, it was given a the name Panda.

Cipriani is taking care of Panda in the meantime but does plan on having it adopted by a forever family.

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