Kansas family survives Nepal quake

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KSHB) – A Kansas City, Kansas family volunteering from a non-profit are amongst the survivors of the deadly 7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal early Saturday.

It’s the worst earthquake to hit the region in 80 years, and Drew Timberlake and his family have witnessed it all first hand.

“We pulled two little kids out, I think maybe one was a one-year-old, the other one looked about two. And they walked out without much more than a scratch or two so, it was a good feeling, very fortunate,” said Timberlake over the phone Saturday afternoon, regarding two toddlers he saved amongst the rubble with the help of locals.

Timberlake, his wife and three kids, are currently in the capital city of Kathmandu on a volunteer trip to help disabled natives.

He said he watched the apartment building next to theirs collapse during the earthquake and that he and his family are fortunate to be alive.

Shirley Posladek and her husband, Gary, are Timberlake’s in-laws who reside in Leawood, Kan. They have been on similar trips to Nepal. They got an alarming call at 2 a.m. Saturday from their daughter.

“And her first words were, ya know, mom, we’re all fine. And of course we had no idea, why that was important at the time,” said Posladek.

Timberlake told KSHB-TV they plan on staying another five weeks to help with the relief effort.

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