Cop replaces boy’s stolen bike

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KOB) – Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico are looking for a man they believe stole a young boy’s bicycle.

Surveillance video released Sunday shows a man walking into a Dollar General store as he makes sure the boy wasn’t leaving. The man then appears to take off with the child’s bike when he sees the coast is clear.

The bike belonged to 11-year-old Wilson Mendoza, who was getting drinks and snacks for his grandmother when the man stole his bike.

“When I got here, the kid was really upset about it,” Albuquerque police officer Scott Maher, said.
Officer Maher looked for the man and the bike, but couldn’t locate either which he says concerned him.

“He needed a bike to get to school,” Maher said.

So Officer Maher made a decision, after giving Mendoza a ride home, to spend his own money in order to surprise Mendoza with a brand new bike.

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