Wichita couple arrested for allegedly robbing multiple businesses

WICHITA, Kansas – Two people are in custody following an overnight crime spree.

Police say a 26-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman used a handgun to rob three Wichita businesses starting at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The two robbed the Excitement Video in the 3900 block of W. Pawnee, a QuikTrip at 1000 W. Douglas, and a Petro convenience store in the 2800 block of W. Central.

Police believe the man entered the stores to commit the robberies after the woman first cased each business.

During the robberies, two children also were in the car.

Police say following the first robbery at the video store an officer on the way to another call spotted their vehicle and reported it as suspicious.

After robbing the third business, an officer spotted the car at Meridian and 2nd Street and called for backup before stopping the couple.

All the property and cash allegedly taken by the couple was recovered.

Police believe the man also was involved in a robbery of a QuikTrip on Saturday night in the 1100 block of W. Douglas.

The couple were arrested on multiple counts of aggravated robbery and child endangerment.

The children, a 10 month-old-girl and a 5-year-old boy, were asleep in the back of the car. They were taken into police protective custody

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