A.D. Episode 3 Follow Up: Dr. Charles Boswell

Jesus' followers are inspired by the Holy Spirit to continue to spread his message

WICHITA– Pentecost arrived as the series A.D. The Bible Continues entered its third week. Tension continued to build among the Roman Government, the Jews and the followers of Jesus. Dr. Charles Boswell of Immanuel Baptist Church was in our newsroom Sunday night to answer your questions in a live chat. He shared his reaction with KSN’s Mark Davidson.

“If we don’t get out there soon, they will have forgotten who we are,” said one disciple to another during Sunday’s show. It helped illustrate how their patience was being tested, while waiting in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Spirit. It finally arrives as thousands have come to the city to celebrate Pentecost.

“I think it just helped fulfill the purpose Christ had in selecting them and sending them out with the Gospel after Pentecost,” Dr. Boswell told us.

He acknowledges a few moments in which the producers may have taken creative liberties, including the appearance of Peter’s daughter, Maya, who isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible.

“They kept the basic story line,” he said, “but in order to make it entertaining and for the value of the viewer they took a little bit of liberty which is fine.”

A blending of script and scripture, if you will. Boswell describes it as filling in a few pieces in the framework of a mostly completed puzzle. Other examples during the show include the zealot’s murder of a Roman soldier and the timing of Peter and John’s time in prison.

“Just because you can’t decipher each and every question you have, doesn’t mean or invalidate the total picture of the story line of what Christ was trying to depict there,” Boswell added.

He does say the tension is historically pretty accurate, and it promises only to intensify as the disciples refuse to be silenced. He expects even more people to tune in and join the conversation.

“I think it’s meeting a need that is generated in the hearts of the people, ” Boswell said.

A.D. The Bible continues airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on KSN. We’ll invite a different Christian leader to our newsroom each week to answer your questions in a live chat. Head to KSN.com if you’d like to take part.

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