‘Chain of love’ is longest kidney swap chain ever

HARTFORD, Connecticut (WTNH) – It’s the longest kidney transplant chain ever. Thirty-four kidneys swapped between twenty-six different hospitals.

It’s the topic of a big story tonight on “Nightline.”

They are calling it a chain of love. These kidney donation chains happen when, say, a guy needs a kidney, and his wife offers to donate one. Doctors tell her she’s not a match to her husband, but she is a match to someone else in need of a kidney.

Just last month, which was National Kidney Month, Yale New Haven hospital transplanted four kidneys. Most were from women who were not matches to their husbands who needed kidneys, but were matches to someone else’s husband.

Four kidneys is pretty good, but what you’ll see on News 8 tonight involved 34 kidneys. The chain stretched from San Diego to Boston, and included Hartford Hospital here in Connecticut. It’s longest kidney chain ever, and it took three months for it to all come together.

In addition to amazing and generous people, it requires a lot of precision to get the organs where they need to go.

Nation’s Longest Multi-Hospital Kidney Transplant Chain is airing on “Nightline,” Tuesday Late Night on ABC.

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