A.D. Episode 2 Follow Up: Fr. Mike Nolan

Episode picks up the story in the immediate aftermath of the Resurrection

WICHITA, Kansas – The stone was rolled back, and the tomb sat empty. The second episode of “A.D. The Bible Continues” began with questions– both for Jesus’ followers and the Roman Government. Mark Davidson sat down with Father Mike Nolan from the Catholic Diocese of Wichita to address some of your questions and examine the magnitude of Jesus’ return.

“We found nothing… and everything.”

It’s a quote from the character who plays the disciple, John, confirming that an empty tomb was cause for celebration and Jesus was, in fact, fulfilling his promise. But it wasn’t until he appeared to Mary Magdalene that Christians had proof.

“I think the most pointed moment is when Jesus comes up behind Mary and calls her name,” Nolan told us. “It’s a reassuring moment, it’s a very human moment as much as it is a divine moment, and I think that’s the kind of touch that we as Christians really look for in Resurrection.”

Jesus would appear numerous times in the coming days. We see him offer comfort to Peter during his time of guilt and later to Thomas during his time of doubt.

“I thought the way the series is progressing is doing an incredible job in trying to tell the story of Jesus and capture the human elements of the disciples who are running scared and looking for direction,” Nolan said.

The Roman Government was furious to find the body missing from the tomb and it was evident by Pilate’s response that he wanted the Christian movement to end.

“It’s time we shut this story down,” he said in rage.

As empowered as they were, continuing to spread Jesus’ message meant the disciples would risk their lives everyday.

“I don’t know if it was a dramatic vehicle,” Nolan wondered,” but those persons who suffered death in the second episode drove home the danger the disciples faced.”

And yet, you see their resolve, especially Peter’s late in the show. Jesus’ closest followers seem to have a renewed commitment to sharing his message.

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