Woman in custody after attempting to kidnap three children

WICHITA, Kansas – Police have a 27-year-old woman in custody after they say she attempted to kidnap three children.

It happened Thursday around 6 p.m. near 59th and South Jones.

Police say the woman had contact with several children and was seen trying to get them to walk with her when a resident called 911.

They found the woman with three children, a 5 and 6-year-old little girl and an 11-year-old boy.

While the situation caused alarm in the neighborhood, police say they do not believe this woman is a predatory threat.

“This is not like a child, a true child endangerment, this woman appears to live in the area and might have some issues that caused her to bring the children with her,” said Capt. Doug Nolte, Wichita Police Department.

Police say the children were found in the neighborhood, a few homes down, outside.

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