Give a Little: Lanajia

Current Bowl for Kids' Sake campaign supports matching Littles like Lanajia

WICHITA, Kansas – As a relative rookie to the game, 12-year-old Lanajia proved to be a putt-putt prodigy.

That means we can add miniature golf to his growing list of interests that include basketball and art.

“I like school, my favorite subject is math,” he told us before adding, “I’m in the band and I play the trumpet.”

He’s a Renaissance man of sorts, which makes him a great match for just about any potential Big. In fact, Lanajia has been matched before.

“Mostly we liked to go to his house or we would go out to eat or something,” he said.

And he’s eager to be matched again.

“Maybe if they had a membership we could go to the Y,” he suggests.

He’s polite with an easy smile, and he’s not afraid to offer a few friendly suggestions.

So make your next round a twosome with this talented young guy, and regardless of what the scorecard says, you’ll both walk away winners.

If you’d like more information on becoming a big or to join a Bowl for Kids’ Sake team, just go to

We also thank Big Sister Susan DeVaughn, who serves on the Sedgwick County Big Brothers Big Sisters Advisory Board for stopping by to talk about her match.

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