Butler County still investigating Mulvane students involved in animal cruelty case

MULVANE, Kansas – The Mulvane Police Chief is asking the district attorney to consider animal cruelty charges against four Mulvane High School students.

The chief says, the investigation started in March after a chicken was run over in the school parking lot.

A separate incident was reported in Butler County that involved a student who allegedly threw a chicken into a bonfire.

The Butler County Sheriff now believes the incident did not happen at El Darado Lake, but at another location between El Dorado and Augusta.

“Mulvane was able to talk to the suspects and determined. Also we went to the lake,” said Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet. “We looked around. We talked to lake officials. We looked for a site. Was not able to find a site.”

The Mulvane Police plan to present the case to the Sedgwick County District Attorney for possible charges next Wednesday.

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