2nd grader raises money after best friend dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

Jamon Carrol’s desk
Jamon Carrol’s desk was put outside of the school. Students wrote messages to their classmate. (courtesy WATE 6)

WARTBURG (WATE) – Britt Perkins may only be in second grade, but he understands loss. His best friend died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Now he wants to protect his classmates.

Sunday, Jamon Carrol, 8, died at his Wartburg home along with his relatives, Anthony Carroll, 44, and Jacob Carroll, 17. In memory of his best friend, Perkins is working to raise enough money to buy 23 carbon monoxide detectors; one for every student in his class and his teacher.

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Perkins said he misses playing tag and running with his friend. “I just loved with all of my heart and I really want him back,” he said. “But I know that he is in a better place.” The second grader is raising money for carbon monoxide detectors so that he never loses another friend to carbon monoxide poisoning again.

So far Perkins has raised $335 to help other kids. If he raises enough money, he hopes to provide a carbon monoxide detector for every student and teacher at Central Elementary.

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