Woman run over by car after fistfight

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (WOOD) — A 19-year-old woman was run over by a car following a fistfight in Grand Rapids on Monday.

Sierra Washington was hospitalized for treatment of a dislocated knee and bruises, then released.

“I have like tire marks all right here, all on the back of my back,” Washington said.

The incident in the area of Prospect Avenue SE and Garden Street was captured on cellphone video that was later posted online. It shows what started out as a fistfight between Washington and another woman. Then the other woman gets into a car and runs over Washington.

The sound of the car going over the Washington’s body can be heard in a second video recorded inside the car.

“I really wasn’t thinking that she’s going to run me over,” Washington said. “But she just ran me over and I actually thought I was dead. My body crunched up. I was just sitting there in shock. Then she turned around like she was going to come back again and my friends hurried up and picked me up, thank God.”

She said the altercation started on Facebook.

“She was calling my baby ugly — basically Facebook beef back and forth,” Washington said.

Washington wants the driver behind bars.

“I understand the fight,” she said. “The fight is one thing. I’m perfectly fine with the fight. I don’t regret anything. But as far as running me over, you know, justice should be served.”

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating. Police say they know who the suspect is and are close to making an arrest.

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