‘Scary’ Lucille Ball statue to be replaced

CELORON, New York (WIVB) — According to the Mayor of the Village of Celeron, recent outrage at the Statue of Lucille Ball may be merited, but it is fueled by some misinformation.

Mayor Scott Schrecengost says the statue, which was never commissioned, appeared in August of 2009. He said it was donated, so the Village of Celoron never paid money for it, but the village isn’t opposed to spending money to fix it.

He said many are also confused about where Lucille Ball, a popular star most known for her role as Lucy in the television hit I Love Lucy, was born. Ball was born in Jamestown and raised in Celoron in 1911. Her popularity has brought many to visit her hometown, and several tributes to her were erected, including a museum.

Many were outraged at the statue of Ball, but Schrecengost says people should put their anger aside. He said the statue is a piece of art, and was left up for five years because it was a remembrance to Ball.

“Whether or not it looked like her, ugly or not, it’s artwork,” Schrecengost said in a release. “Yes we would like to have a better representation of Lucy.”

Schrecengost said they will be pushing to fund an update on the statue from the shoulders up. He said the original artist offered to fix the statue for between $8,000 and $10,000, but they believe other sculptors are willing to rework the statue for less.

“I take responsibility,” David Poulin, the sculptor of ‘Scary Lucy’, said. “It’s probably something that should not have been cast, and I am hoping to fix it.

The Village of Celoron will begin taking donations to help fund the restoration. He said they’re planning to start an online funding project soon.

“At this point I am not even interested in him doing anything with the statue,” Schrecengost said. “He has had plenty of opportunity, and we are going to move forward from here.”

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