Pete Meitzner, Candidate for Wichita City Council, District 2

Biographical Information:

Pete Meitzner, candidate for Wichita City Council (Campaign photo)
Pete Meitzner, candidate for Wichita City Council (Campaign photo)
  • Telecom Sr Consultant and small business owner (Meitzner & Associates, LLC)
  • Graduated from Wichita State University, Business Administration, minor in Economics
  • Current City Council Member

Personal Information:

Married to Suzi, 2 children

Campaign website:

Pete for Wichita website

What issues will you make a top priority for Wichita?

“To provide the best services for our citizens and community while managing the budget in a responsible manner.  To promote all the good that our City has to offer.”

How do you specifically plan to address the city’s aging infrastructure — including the aging water system that recently required $600,000+ in improvements to address a large leak? How do you propose paying for the needed improvements?

“The recent large water leak was paid for out of a maintenance reserve fund from the recent rate increases over the past 3 years.  How do you propose paying for the needed improvements?  Needed improvements of the future will have to be paid for by the users of the water services, and that is what the voters clearly stated on the recent sales tax vote.” 

The Wichita area has seen a variety of layoffs, including thousands from aviation in the last few years. What is your specific plan to bring more jobs to Wichita and improve the economy?

“Support our current business expansion by assuring they have the infrastructure needed, as well as the quality of life items that will encourage companies to stay and grow here.”

What specific city issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how to you plan to address it?

“Build trust between the citizens and the City government.  I will be supporting a professional communications effort to share all the good the city does, while explain with transparency any problems or questions the community may have.   Keeping our young people encouraged to stay and make Wichita their home is next.   Aside from building the trust with City Hall along with keeping our young people,  specific items to immediately address are water, transit, streets, and quality of life items. ”  

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