Michael Capps, Candidate for USD 259 BOE, At Large

Michael Capps, Candidate for USD 259 BOE, At Large
Michael Capps, Candidate for USD 259 BOE, At Large

Biographical Information:

  • Occupation – CEO at itKansas
  • Education – Valley Center High School, Community College of the Air Force and Western Governor’s University
  • Previous Political – None
  • Military Service – United States Air Force

Personal Information: 

Single father of a 17-year-old junior at Wichita West High School

Campaign website:

Michael Capps for USD 259

What issues will you make a top priority for Wichita Public Schools?

“Succeeding with what we have.  In the changing educational funding landscape in Kansas, I believe USD 259 not only has the necessary resources to succeed, but even to improve our district while caring of our teachers and improving our classroom spending.  By focusing on spending efficiencies, leveraging new and innovative technologies and techniques, we can leverage our existing spending to create additional resources which can be invested directly into our classrooms, benefiting our students and teachers.”

If additional budget cuts come from Topeka, how do you plan to address those cuts for Wichita schools? What areas/programs would be the first to be cut and what areas/programs would be most important to save?

“In order to succeed with the resources we have, we must change our spending priorities by focusing on the classroom, on the students, first and foremost.  With every step away fro the classroom we take, we must ask whether our spending if for the benefit of our students and teachers.  In cases, where the benefit is not direct, we need to scrutinize and validate the spending is in the best interests of our students and teachers.  Focusing our spending on our core mission – educating our children – gives us a guide to cutting unnecessary and even redundant programs from our district.  Evaluating options to improving our healthcare delivery for district employees while reducing our costs would also improve our spending efficiency in an area that represents a sizable percentage of our budget.”


What specific one issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how to you plan to address it?

“Our budget must be reviewed from beginning to end – not a specific area of the budget, but the entire budget.  With the new funding landscape, we have to change the way we spend and focus on efficiencies in our budget to improve our ability to deliver enhanced services and programs to our students and teachers, with the funds we are provided.  The budget review must be done without affecting property taxes within our district.”



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