Kansas lawmakers considering bill for ride services like Uber

UBER (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – The Kansas Legislature is considering Senate Bill 117 which would regulate traffic services like Uber.

Uber uses apps and GPS to send a driver to where you need a ride.  A bill in Topeka would put it out of business in Kansas

On Monday evening, an email was delivered to users of Uber.

The email urged users to email legislators to save the service in Kansas. Apparently, many lawmakers received a deluge of messages generated by the transportation network.  According to sources, some systems were paralyzed.

The email states the following:

SB 117 was originally drafted to create a smart regulatory framework for ridesharing services like uberX — and it had our full support. Unfortunately, in the final hours before the House of Representatives voted on the bill, big banks added a poison pill amendment that would prevent Uber from operating in Kansas.

If SB 117 becomes law, it will force Uber to cease all operations throughout Kansas permanently.

Your state legislators still have a chance to pass smart regulations for ridesharing. Tell them to stand up to special interests by removing poison pill amendments that block free market competition. Join the fight to keep Uber in Kansas!


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