Jeff Blubaugh, Candidate for Wichita City Council, District 4

Jeff Blubaugh, Candidate for Wichita City Council, District 4
Jeff Blubaugh, Candidate for Wichita City Council, District 4

Biographical Information:

  • Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams
  • Cessna Aircraft, production, sales and marketing, 17 years
  • Six Sigma Black Belt  
  • Masters of Science in Management, Friends University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Friends University
  • Post Graduate Studies at The Fisher School of Business, Ohio State University
  • Goddard School Board
  • Wichita City Council District 4, Vice-Mayor of Wichita 

Personal Information:

Wife, Meghan, 4 children 

Campaign website:

Jeff Blubaugh for Wichita

What issues will you make a top priority for Wichita?

“Job loss due to the recession hit District 4 residents hard. Thousands of good paying jobs in aviation related businesses were lost and have yet to be recovered. Many residents are still either unemployed or underemployed. Job creation is my number one priority both inside and outside of aviation related companies. My focus is to attract industry outside of aviation while working with aviation as demand grows and they start to rehire employees.  Taking advantage of export opportunities is the best plan for obtaining this growth.” 

“We need to prioritize spending and make sure streets, public safety and future water top the list.  Managing a balanced budget and reducing waste is also a major priority.”  

How do you specifically plan to address the city’s aging infrastructure — including the aging water system that recently required $600,000+ in improvements to address a large leak? How do you propose paying for the needed improvements?

“The aging infrastructure issues need to be addressed without major increases on the backs of rate payers.  The City needs to analyze where the greatest vulnerabilities lie within our public utilities.  Once these areas are located we need to identify the result of failure within those critical areas and repair or replace those first.  As we work through this process we can slowly take care of the greatest areas of risk while ensuring we don’t have any additional critical failures.   These repairs and replacements can be paid for over time and paid for within our current rates.”

The Wichita area has seen a variety of layoffs, including thousands from aviation in the last few years. What is your specific plan to bring more jobs to Wichita and improve the economy?

“The City must focus on creating an environment for our current businesses to thrive and expand. Resources other than  economic subsidies can be utilized to attract and market new businesses to come to Wichita as well as growing our existing businesses.   We need to ensure we are providing our local businesses with more red carpet than red tape.  Wichita needs to be business friendly and not over regulate to the point it is to hard for start up businesses to get going.  The City should be the number one advocate for job growth. Wichita has a skilled manufacturing workforce unmatched in the area.”

What specific city issue do you think deserves your immediate attention and how to you plan to address it?


“I believe it is a combination of issues needing to be addressed including job creation, streets, public safety, future water and working within the budget without raising taxes. The City needs to stop reallocating money from streets to go to other projects.  Street repair and replacement funding through the recession gets cut more and more each year.  Immediate attention needs to be given to our streets. Water should be looked at as a regional issue and not just a City of Wichita problem.”


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