Ford County Attorney endorses sheriff candidate using county resources

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Ford County Sheriff Dean Bush is resigning mid-term, which calls for a special party nomination for his replacement.

Last week, County Attorney Natalie Randall wrote a letter to Ford County precinct committee members urging them to vote for Bill Carr, one of the three candidates running.

“I was a little upset that she would be using tax payers dollars to voice her personal opinion,” said Jeff Switzer, a Republican party precinct committee member.

Randall is currently charging a former county employee for inappropriate use of county dollars. Candidate for Sheriff Lee Hawes can’t help but see the double standard.

“Disappointment would be the best way to describe how I felt about it,” he said.

After getting negative feedback, Randall has paid the county back for the postage and paper.  In a written statement, she insisted that she would never misuse public money.  She told KSN she did not have time for an interview, but said she thinks people have blown this out of proportion and feels she’s done nothing wrong.

Because she is an elected official she is in fact exempt from certain rules, and because this is a party nomination as opposed to an election she can endorse a candidate in a professional capacity.

Even so, some still question her choice.

“She is going to have to build a relationship with whoever the incoming sheriff is, and if that ultimately is not the person she endorsed, that starts the relationship off on shaky grounds,” said Ford County Commissioner Shawn Tasset.

Randall stands by her decision and in a Facebook post wished the best of luck to all of the candidates.

The party nomination for sheriff will be this Friday at the Ford County Sheriff’s office.  The 54 Republican party precinct members will vote for the new sheriff and that nomination will go to the governor who officially appoints the incoming sheriff.

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