Barton County 911 Dispatch Gets New Backup System

KSN News (file)
KSN News

GREAT BEND, Kansas- Barton County 9-1-1 dispatch now has a backup emergency dispatch system, Active 9-1-1.

Alerts will now be sent in a text message straight to first responders’ phones along with the radio dispatch. It gets first responders alerted even if they don’t have a radio signal.

“It’s a secondary notification process, it goes out at the same time the other calls go out, it’s an automatic through our cad system here in 911, it’ll help us quite a bit,” said Doug Hubbard, Barton Counties 911 Director.

Every time a first responder gets a radio call they’ll immediately get a text message on their phone even if they don’t get that radio signal now that text message will tell them exactly where to go and what kind of call it is.

“The text message goes out and it looks something like this, the address and the nature of the call it’s a fire and again the address and then the responding fire department and then any notes the dispatcher might put in the cad system are on there,” said Hubbard.

Another perk is that once responders are on the GPS directions, anyone on the call can see where a responder is and how long it will take them to get there.

“The address comes up, they can touch the address on their smart phone and it will give them directions, and this case it’s my smartphone and it’s telling me how to get to that particular call and the best route,” said Hubbard.

The best thing about they system is that it costs the county less than two thousand dollars a year.

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