Young candidate runs for mayor of Lucas

LUCAS, Kansas – The city of Lucas is known for its grassroots art movement.

Now, it’s having a tight mayoral race, with some unique candidates.

“The mayor race is very interesting here in Lucas,” said Resident Tami Steinley.

“It’s great to get all ages involved,” said resident Rosslyn Schultz.

The mayoral race in Lucas is heating up with three candidates.

One is a former mayor, another a local resident, and one is a high school senior.

All three are speaking out about how to grow Lucas.

“I want to do more to see the younger generations get involved and get more active with not only doing the community events but also serving in leadership positions,” said high school senior Steven Ammon.

“I know we have a few issues with the water treatment plant that I’d like to make sure that that is taken care of and our sewer lagoons, we’ve been working on doing something with those for some time,” said candidate David Urban.

“Ultimately, they need to look into their hearts and decide if they want a town to grow and prosper,” said candidate Jessica Mikulecky.

The office of mayor in Lucas isn’t a paid position, but it’s often a contested race with candidates wanting to make a difference in their community.

With a much-talked about race, residents are eagerly awaiting Election Day.

“It’s exciting, because when I was 23, I ran for mayor, and made it,” said resident Elmer Svaty.

The Lucas mayoral election will take place the same day as other city and school elections around the state Tuesday, April 7th.

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