Community saddened after woman shot and killed by police

GARDNER, Kansas – A Kansas community is sadden and confused after a woman is shot and killed by police.

The boyfriend of 53-year-old Deanne Choate called police after she reportedly fired a weapon inside the home.

When officers arrived, the tense situation took a deadly turn.

“Right around 10:00, we heard one shot followed by four shots and then someone screamed ‘oh, my god’,” said neighbor Gary Smethers. “We looked at the window and saw the police standing in the doorway there, she was lying in front of him.”

It was a shocking scene for the people who live around here. Neighbors and friends say the couple was known for enjoying motorcycles, as well as their big ups and downs, but no one thought anything like this could happen.

“No one thought anything like this could happen. None of this is anything like her personality. I don’t really know the full story to know what happened but the incidents and the fact that she’s gone, I don’t understand, I don’t understand any of it. This is very sad,” said Jamie Howard, friend of Deanne Choate.

Jamie and Dee, as she called her, became fast friends several years ago.

“Always a good time. She’s always laughing, smiling, hugging, making you feel better,” said Jamie. “She’s a wonderful, wonderful woman.”

Detectives from a special police involved shooting investigation team in Johnson County are in charge of the case now. They’re still collecting evidence and trying to sort out just what went wrong here, in a case that’s rocked this community.

The officers involved were not hurt. They are on paid administrative leave as the shooting is investigated.

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