Ford County Sheriff and others leaving department

Ford County Sheriff's Office (KSNJ File Photo)

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Ford County Sheriff Dean Bush along with his Undersheriff and two captains will all be retiring by July.

“It’s just time you know,” Bush said. “The truth of the matter is I’m getting weary and it’s time for somebody with more energy at this point to take it over.”

Bush and other members of his team have been with the department for about 30 years.  He’s leaving in the middle of his elected term.  The undersheriff and two captains are eligible for an early retirement plan that will give them insurance at an employee rate.

“All of my administrative staff that I’ve depended on, they’re all ready to retire,” Bush explained.

He said they’ve been expecting this wave of retirements for quite some time now, and that’s given them some time to prepare.  They’ve already chosen a new undersheriff, and right now they’re working on back filling positions as they move people up through the department.

County Commissioner Shawn Tasset said while it’s unfortunate to lose so many people at once they’re not worried.

“I’m confident that we’ve got good people there,” he said, “We’re still going to be well covered.”

Plus he said new leadership could mean some positive new ideas for the department and community.

In the meantime Bush said he and the others are looking forward to retirement.

“Gosh, I’ve had more fun than anybody deserves, I really have.  It’s been a great run,” he said.

The undersheriff and captains will leave this week and next.  Sheriff Bush will stay on with the department until the end of June.  His position will be filled by a state appointed replacement.

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