Reno Co. Sheriff responds to conceal carry revisions; opposes SB 45

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Kansas Senate Bill 45

WICHITA, Kansas – Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson spoke with KSN Tuesday concerning SB 45, the proposed law that would allow Kansans to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Sheriff Henderson vocally opposes the bill, as written, largely because it would not require training hours.

“I am not opposed to conceal carry the way it is now,” clarified Sheriff Henderson. “I wish that law enforcement could protect everyone, but we can’t.”

Reno Co. Sheriff Randy Henderson talks SB 45.
Reno Co. Sheriff Randy Henderson talks about SB 45.

He is opposed, however, to the removal of training requirements established in the current Kansas law.

Sheriff Henderson says that it is important for people to learn “how to load your gun, how to grip it, how to draw it from a holster, how to aim it, and some shooting proficiency.”

“You need to know what you’re doing if you’re going to carry a weapon,” said Butch Proffitt, a Reno Co. resident who is also against the bill.

For advocates of Senate Bill 45, the issue comes down to an American’s Constitutional right to carry.

“I’m very pro-Second Amendment and anything that works along those lines, I support fully,” said Jerry Huffman, a Wichita resident in favor of the bill.

Sheriff Henderson argues that the public, still, has a Constitutional right to safety.

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“As far as the community that we serve, the people that pay us, the people that we have to protect, you have to do the right thing for them,” said Sheriff Henderson.

The implications, he says, are clear.

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“You have one accident like this and a child gets shot by a stray bullet from somebody that’s not trained, doesn’t know how to use a firearm, the law’ll be changed back,” said Henderson. “But, why do we need a loss to do that?”

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