Miracle mutt: Dog survives massive fire

SCHENECTADY, New York (WNYT) – Zeus could be the definition of a lucky dog.

He was on the fourth floor of a Schenectady, New York apartment building when a massive fire tore through the complex.

Eight days later he’s still alive. Firefighters discovered him when he peeked out the windows.

“We were able to get up there and lure him out with a little bit of pizza of all things,” explained Schenectady Fire Chief Raymond Senecal.

Zeus came out seemingly grateful for his rescue.

“He looks really happy. I think he’s probably a little bit hungry,” Senecal said.

But even happier when his owner Stacey Lydon showed up just moments later for a picture perfect reunion.

“I don’t even know. It’s incredible,” Lydon said.

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