Star Of The Stockyards

BLUE EARTH, M.N. (KARE) By now, the members of the Owens household of Blue Earth give not a second thought to the auctioneer’s chant coming from the bathroom shower. It’s just 10-year-old Cash getting his reps in.

Come Fridays, the fifth grader is front and center at the Blue Earth Stockyards, selling cows with his rapid fire delivery.

“When he gets up there he just gets in his element,” Cash’s dad, Dan Owens, says. “It’s pretty amazing to see.”

Cash got his first lesson in auctioneering during a drive home from Montana with his dad and a family friend, who happens to be a full-time auctioneer.

“So for 795 miles home, every fence post and rock and pickup and cow and everything else that they saw got sold,” laughs his father. “I was so ready to get out of that pickup.”

It’s worth noting that the kid who barely takes a breath, once nearly took his last.

Cash was born with intestines that had developed improperly.

“He stopped breathing,” says his father.

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