Shocker fans react to Saturday loss

WICHITA, Kansas – Many Shocker fans that made their way to St. Louis to watch the Missouri Valley Conference tournament had a long drive home after Wichita State’s loss to Illinois State Saturday.

“It was disappointing, but they made a good effort,” said Keith Born, Wichita State fan.

“I’m disappointed, I wish they would have done a little better, but that’s the way it is,” said Dan Leiker, Wichita State fan.

Disappointment is the overwhelming feeling with Wichita fans

“It was a game that I was a little fearful of coming in because the last time I was here Illinois State beat Wichita State in the semis,” said Perry McCabe, Wichita State fan.

Fans say that the loss to Illinois State stings a little less because they know that there is more basketball to be played

“Hopefully, we’ll have a good seeding in the tournament, and look forward to march madness and wreak havoc,” said Born.

“I’m looking forward to the NCAA tournament, I think we’ll do better there,” said Mick Kennedy, Wichita State Fan.

“I still hope that they get a good seed, and that they can play many games beyond, if it’s close enough, hopefully, we’ll get to go,” said Leiker.

Fans say that they love their team no matter what happens.

“They’ve got a good record and a good team, so you know, I think that will go a ways,” said McCabe.

“It’s been a good tournament, I’m happy to be here,” said Kennedy.

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