Selma: 50 years later

SELMA, Alabama (NBC News) – This weekend the nation will stop to remember one of the most difficult and important times in our history.

President Obama will travel to Selma, Alabama on Saturday to help mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, a march that was a critical turning point in the civil rights movement.

On Bloody Sunday, hundreds of peaceful protesters were met with violence during what’s been described as “the last revolution” of the civil rights movement, a march for equality and the right to vote.

“We were determined to get the right for all people regardless of the color of their skin to be able to file a ballot to determine their own destiny,” says Selma marcher and civil rights activist Dr. Frederick D. Reese.

Reese was a “foot soldier” in the march on Montgomery.

“Yes, I saw blood flowing. Pandemonium of disbelief, that this was happening on these United States of America,” he recalls.


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