One SE Kansas casino withdraws

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TOPEKA, Kansas – SE Kansas Casino Partners, LLC has notified the Kansas Lottery it is withdrawing its application for the Lottery Gaming Facility Manager in the Southeast Kansas Gaming Zone.

In a letter to the Kansas Lottery dated March 5, 2015, William F. Killian, representing SE Kansas Casino Partners, LLC, said, “Due to the remaining time available and the results of our ongoing due diligence, SE Kansas Partners, LLC is unable to move forward in the application process.”

The SE Kansas Casino Partners, LLC application was one of four the Lottery received by the January 30, 2015 deadline.

The three remaining applicants are:

Kansas Crossing Casino & Hotel
Applicant: Kansas Crossing Casino, L.C.

Emerald City Casino & Resort
Applicant: Frontenac Development, LLC

Castle Rock Casino Resort
Applicant: Castle Rock Casino Resort LLC

The Southeast Kansas Gaming Zone includes Cherokee and Crawford counties.

The Kansas Lottery has until April 30, 2015 to review the applications and negotiate contracts. The Lottery will then forward the contracts to the seven-member independent Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board. The Review Board will have up to 60 days to select the apparent successful contract. After the Review Board selects the apparent successful contract, the Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission must complete a background investigation within 10 days to approve or disapprove the applicant. The governor can grant extensions of up to 60 days each for the Lottery, the Review Board, and the KRGC, if requested.

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