Clinic in a Can sending more help to Africa

WICHITA, Kansas – A local group is having a big international impact, sending medical help over to countries in need.

From Wichita to Sierra Leone, Clinic in a Can is shipping to a country that desperately needs assistance.

“The medical facilities to begin with were very bad. Ebola tipped it over the edge, and now, the efforts are to try to prevent that,” said Michael Wawrzewski, Clinic in a Can.

The clinics are 20 feet by eight feet, and they’re solar powered with back up batteries. They are made to work in some of the most desolate areas independently.

“We’ve converted the interior to be a clinic, an ER, a surgery room, whatever is necessary,” added Wawrzewski.

The clinics are built in Wichita and have equipment necessary to do primary care. They’ll also be outfitted with an ultrasound monitor to help with maternal and infant care.

“They can not only address the Ebola situation, but as all the countries resources go towards addressing the Ebola situation, people continue to have babies, people continue to get sick, there’s all this other stuff going on that needs to be addressed as well,” said Colin Credle, Project Hope.

The project was paid for through donations. Many of them right out of Wichita.

“I think the fact that we’re able, and the people in Wichita are able to reach across the world and help these people and think of them from so far away, and even more so, when it’s no longer in the news loop, is a testament to their compassion,” said Credle.

In just over a month’s time, the clinics will be right where they’re needed most.

“That’s what the Clinic in a Can does, provides a little extra hope,” said Wawrzewski

Officials say that once the clinics are put in place, they can be up and running within a day.

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