WSU looking to move forward with mixed-use development

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita State University will begin construction on its Innovation Campus in the coming months.

Earlier this week, the university issued a request for qualification to developers, hoping they’ll pay close to $30 million to also develop a mixed-use development.

Lou Heldman, the Vice President for Strategic Communications, says a variety of amenities would be built on an 18.5 acre portion that use to house Braeburn Golf Course.

“It will include retail, restaurants, entertainment, the possibility of hotels,” said Heldman.

This comes on the heels of the innovation campus beginning construction in the next several months.

Click image for Mixed Use Development images
Click image for Mixed Use Development images

The first part will be the construction of the Experiential Engineering Building.

The university is also looking at adding a new residence hall set to be built by 2017.

KSN asked Heldman if there is a demand for all this expansion.

“This is a development that could be built out in 10 years, it could be built out in 20 years, it may stay mostly green space for a while, this is a market based development,” said Heldman.

Currently, Heldman says they have 800 students living in Shocker Hall and another 400 to 600 slated to move into the new residence hall when it is completed.

Heldman says the increase of the number of people living on-campus will increase the demand for this kind of development.

“You start to have the makings of a real market on-campus, around the clock restaurants, services and entertainment, we think adding amenities to campus will make it even more attractive for students to come here and live at Wichita State on-campus,” said Heldman.

Heldman also pointed out the mixed-use development or any of the Innovation Campus projects will not involve raising tuition

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