Gregg Marshall runner-up for MVC Coach of the Year

Ben Jacobson of UNI is the MVC coach of the year. (KSN Photo: Molly Hadfield)

ST LOUIS, Missouri – The MVC Coach of the Year Luncheon was held today at the St. Louis City Center. UNI’s Ben Jacobson received the honor. He received 26 of a possible 47 first-place tallies and 115 points to win it.

Gregg Marshall finished runner-up in the voting after earning the award for the past three seasons.

UNI’s Seth Tuttle got player of the year. Fred VanVleet received it last season. When the Shockers met with the media this afternoon, VanVleet said he has something to prove. When asked why, here’s what he said.

“We just had an all-league banquet that we attended, and that’s all I’ll say.”

“To be honest, we think some votes got slipped up and put in the wrong hat, but it’s just something we’re going to look past,” said Ron Baker, Wichita State Guard.

Players can use that frustration out on the court starting tomorrow. WSU has won the MVC tourney three times in program history. They want to be the seventh team to win back-to-back titles. Creighton did it last in 2012 and 2013.

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