Interstate becomes parking lot

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WAVE) – Heavy snow and icy roads snarled traffic throughout the Louisville area Wednesday night, turning interstates into parking lots and leaving many drivers going nowhere.

As multiple tractor-trailers struggled to make it up the ramp to the Kennedy Bridge, traffic on Interstate 71 behind them ground to halt. Candice Kopp, who was trying to make it home to Jeffersonville, said she was “getting ready to get on the bridge.” She found she was getting ready for quite some time.

Spaghetti Junction wasn’t the only place where the weather ruined commutes.

At Shelbyville Road at Interstate 264, heavy snow and the tall “flyover” ramp onto westbound I-264 were too much for some cars to handle. Others needed extra manpower to get going, getting a push from others on the road.

Finally, police called in the Transportation Cabinet to get the road passable.

Dispatchers stayed busy with semis sliding off the roads.

It was a night to put it in park whether you wanted to or not.

“I’m just hoping to get home to my warm bed,” Donna Holcomb said. “And for everybody else to get off the roads.”

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