Great Bend Police Detective collapses outside Barton County Health Department

Barton County Health Department (KSN File Photo)

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Some quick thinking employees of the Barton County Health Department helped save a Great Bend Police Department Detective Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 44-year-old Scott Bieberle was attending the storm spotters meeting.

Detective Bieberle left the training and ran out to his vehicle to respond to another call and collapsed.

Luckily, his vehicle was parked in front of the Barton County Health Department.

A couple of employees happened to be looking out the window and noticed Bieberle slump over.

Barton County Health Department staff flagged down a Great Bend Police officer and Barton County Sheriff’s officer to help. CPR was started while Great Bend EMS services were called.

“What a blessing it was for our teammate to be where he was when this happened” stated Howard Partington, acting Police Chief, “We are extremely thankful and appreciative for all who were involved in saving Detective Bieberle.”

When the Great Bend EMT services arrived, the EKG machine had to be used.

“CPR training was critical in this situation, without those trained individuals we would have lost Detective Bieberle,” said Captain Bob Robinson.

Bieberle is in stable condition at the Hays Medical Center but is continuing to be monitored for proper treatment.

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