‘Put ‘em in a coffin’ prank reaches West Michigan

WYOMING, Michigan (WOOD) — A prank being called ‘put ‘em in a coffin’ is sweeping the nation and going viral as people record themselves doing it.

When doing the prank, people cross their arms over their chest, jump and fall back onto the hood of a car, denting it and causing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

One West Michigan woman believes the prank is what caused the dent in the hood of her car.

“My husband, as we were leaving, had said, ‘I just seen a kid do a ‘put ‘em in your coffin’ where they put their arms like this and they jump on your hood,’” Lindsay Stancato said.

That was as they left the Meijer at Kalamazoo Avenue and 28th Street in Grand Rapids on Saturday.

It wasn’t until Sunday that they noticed the dent in the hood of their car.

“When my husband went to open the garage door, he was like, ‘What the heck happened to your car?’” Stancato said.

Online videos show some people doing the ‘put ‘em in a coffin’ prank to moving cars, taxi cabs and even a police car.

“It really stinks to come out and be like there is damage and I have no clue how it got there. You can tell it looks like a butt print right on the hood . It’s not like I hit something, it’s like someone jumped on my car,” Stancato said.

A video uploaded to YouTube last year that shows people jumping onto a car the video says was in Battle Creek.

“For us now, we need to make sure to park wherever there are surveillance cameras. It makes me nervous being out. I think other people should be aware of it, too,” Stancato said.

This prank can be dangerous and can have serious consequences. The Chicago man who apparently started the craze is reportedly facing felony charges.

“I would say stop,” Stancato said. “It just stinks because, you know, my husband and I are able to deal with it — luckily our car is still drivable, we can still drive it 0– but there are some people that might  not have the money to take care of something like this and I think that’s really rude to do something like that to people.”

The Stancatos are working with Meijer, where they think the damage happened, to see if there might be any surveillance video of someone jumping on their car.

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