Western Kansas recovering after heavy snowfall

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – After getting six inches of snow in Garden City schools and some businesses closed, but others had to work through it.  Ian Jones spent the day in a car lot, wiping snow off the merchandise.

“It’s pretty tough, not many people come in and buy a car because not many people are out when it’s below 32 degrees, it’s pretty cold so the days go by really slow,” Jones said.

Other businesses, like Patrick Dugan’s Coffee House, reaped the benefits of a snow day and closings.

“We got a lot of teachers, a lot of students, a lot of adults too,” said Cassie Gonzales, manager at the coffee house.  “Obviously the colder weather brings in the people who are wanting warmer drinks and it’s good for business, so we gladly welcome the snow.”

The snow covered the roads quickly on Saturday night and throughout Sunday, but snow removal crews have been diligently scraping and treating the pavement.

“The salt and sand, it gives traction and kind of gets the snow and ice to melt and then when it does refreeze you got some traction from the sand,” explained KDOT Supervisor for Southwest Kansas Frank Burns.

As cleanup wound down on Monday, KDOT and city crews said they feel like they were prepared for the storm.  KDOT estimates they used about half of their salt and sand reserves to treat the messy roads.

The roads froze over on Sunday night, but Burns hopes they can keep it from happening again.

“We’re going to try to get it off and dried up, that’s what we’re trying to do,” he said.

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