Haircut “Fix” Outrages Mom

PLAINVIEW, Texas – (KCBD) A Plainview mother is asking questions after she said an assistant principal drew on her son’s head with a marker.

Monica Esquivel says that her son, Kobi, has had the same haircut for about five months. It features a shaved line on the side of his head, but this week Esquivel said administrators told him it was a distraction and colored in the line with a marker.

Esquivel said that administrators told her that this type of haircut could be considered gang-related.

“My son is not in a gang, he’s not trying to be in a gang. He dresses in khakis, a shirt, not in loose pants or anything, just real nice and casual. He isn’t representing a gang or anything,” Esquivel said.

Plainview ISD’s Executive Director for Administrative Services, Greg Brown, did not deny that the incident happened, but said he cannot comment due to confidentiality. He did release a statement that said the dress code “prohibits designs shaved into the scalp and this includes lines.”

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