New business helping to prevent cancer by weight loss

WICHITA, Kansas – A new business in Wichita is helping prevent many different types of cancer before they’re found by helping people lose weight.

The business is call Profile by Sanford. It is located at 2616 North Maize Road in Wichita.

Bev Lane was one of the first clients.

“I got the flier and drove by and said, ‘Hey let’s stop!’ so we stopped and came in, they were very nice.”

A leader in cancer research, Sanford is the largest non-profit medical organization in the country.

While they specialize in breast cancer research as well as diabetes research, they have recently found that when people lose even a small amount of weight, it reduces their risk of getting numerous other forms of cancer.

“It’s a proven fact that just decreasing your weight by 5-10 percent can dramatically reduce your medical costs by thousands of dollars,” said Amber Oehm, Profile by Sanford.

Now, they’re expanding their medical research to include a business called Profile by Sanford. It is a place where people, like Bev Lane, can go for help losing that weight.

“I’ve tried to lose weight all life long, nothing seems to work. I would yo-yo lose 10 pounds then gain it all back, and I said this is something totally different, let’s give this a try,” said Lane.

A personal coach guides what you eat and your exercise while a hi-tech scale transfers your vitals back to your coach.

“We live in a society that everybody has no time, everybody is rush rush rush, there’s not enough time in a day to get anything done, so we want things that are simple for people,” said Oehm

“It’s also on your phone, there’s an app for your phone so I can just get on my phone and check-off what I’ve eaten that day.”

As a non-profit, Profile says their services are less expensive and part of the proceeds are given back to cancer research.

So people are helping fight cancer while they fight for better health.

“I would like to have more energy, I’d like to be able to fit in my own clothes, I have arthritis, maybe make the arthritis less,” said Lane.

You can find out more about fighting cancer with healthier eating by clicking here.


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