Accidental 911 calls tax operator effectiveness

WICHITA, Kansas – It seems to be a growing trend that there isn’t an emergency when 911 operators pick up the phone.

In fact, in Sedgwick County last year, they got more than 89,000 calls that were misdialed to 911.

The problem is that for each wrong call, the operator has to call the number back to make sure there isn’t an emergency.

“It’s just taxing on our system, taking up time for people that have real life or death emergencies might have a harder time getting through to 911 because we’re having to deal with those abandoned misdialed cell phone calls,” said Major Laura Meyers with Sedgwick Co. Emergency Communications.

They recommend taking the battery out of old cell phones so, it can’t accidentally be dialed and locking the one you use when you’re not making a call.

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