Gun experts talk about importance of gun safety

WICHITA, Kansas – An 8-year -old boy accidentally shot by a ricocheted bullet in Cowley County is recovering.

Sherrifs deputies say the incident near Maple City was unintentional, and the boy is expected to be okay.

Gun experts say it’s a reminder that everyone who handles a weapon should talk about gun safety.

Gun experts say it is always best to have proper supervision, especially when children are handling weapons.

Ryan Pennock, Owner of Thunderbird Tactical, urges all gun owners to take a gun safety course.

“Whether that’s the first shots, the young kids or experienced adults, everybody needs proper firearm safety training and training on proper use,” says Pennock.

Pennock says there are four fundamental safety precautions you should always practice when handling and shooting a firearm.

“Number one always treat every firearm as if it were loaded, number two is never point your firearm at anything you don’t wish to destroy,” said Pennock.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of firing a gun into a proper backstop, preferably made out of a softer material.

Pennock says there is one mistake people make consistently make when it comes to safety.

“When they pick up firearms, they instantly put their hand on the trigger, because they aren’t trained,” said Pennock.

A mistake experts say can be prevented and help ensure safety remains the number one priority.

We asked experts about recommendations for when children can start shooting a gun.

They say there are no restrictions and that it’s up to the parents to gauge their child’s maturity level and comprehension of the dangers a firearm can pose.


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