DaVinci Robot improves recovery time after surgery

WICHITA, Kansas – KSN’s Leon Smitherman continues to recover from his colon cancer surgery in the comfort of his own home.

One of the reasons Leon was able to get out of the hospital so quickly was the technology that helped his surgeon remove part of his colon.

The DaVinci Robot is helping surgeons turn time consuming, complicated procedures into faster recovery times with better results.

The DaVinci Robot at Via Christ and Wesley is helping surgeons with complicated procedures. (KSN Photo)
The DaVinci Robot at Via Christ and Wesley is helping surgeons with complicated procedures. (KSN Photo)

It’s technology that’s enabling surgery patients to go home just days after having what was once known as a major surgery.

“I’ve often said that physicians are like a kid in a candy store in here with the new technology. They absolutely love it and the benefits it provides their patients,” Nurse Manager Kerri Blain explains.

Procedures like hysterectomies, gall bladder removals, hernia repairs and colon resections are a few of the possible procedures that are made better by this robot.

“Already, our numbers have increased, and the number of patients we are able to reach out to have been phenomenal,” explains Blain.

Most people think it’s the actual robot that does the procedure, but in reality, it’s still the surgeon.

While they may not be sitting bedside, they control instruments as extensions of their hands from the surgeon console on the other side of the room.

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Cameras on the DaVinci robot helps doctors get a high definition view of the patient. (KSN Photo)


The surgeon can control a variety of instruments, using only a few small incisions instead of one large one.

A camera gives the doctor an HD view of his patient.

What may once have been viewed by a patient as a life-changing major procedure, is now simplified, thanks to this complex piece of machinery.

Blain says, “It allows patients to have the same procedure they used to offer 5 years ago but now it’s less invasive and the recovery time is shorter. Yes, it’s still a big procedure, but they get their hands inside and work with out physically doing it.”

The DaVinici Robot is a technology available at both Via Christi hospital and Wesley Medical Center here in Wichita.

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