Valentine’s Day gets wired

NEW YORK (NBC News) – Americans are expected to shell out nearly $19 billion dollars this year for Valentine’s Day, averaging more than $140 dollars per person. If you think that sounds like a lot, you’re probably right, and there is a reason for it.

According to recent surveys, your Valentine may be expecting a little more than just candy and flowers.

“We’re finding people are really leaning towards those traditional gifts,” says’s Trae Bodge. “They are doing jewelry, electronics, flowers, chocolates.”

Electronics, like smart phones and tablets, have become common gifts over the past couple years, especially for men.

“Obviously flowers and jewelry are not really male oriented and so men have sort of claimed the electronics category for Valentine’s Day,” Bodge says.

A survey by eBates found 39 percent of people where hoping for a smart phone as one of their Valentine’s gifts.

“Our preferences are changing as social media becomes an every day aspect of our lives, getting something like a smartphone is a little bit sexier than it used to be,” says’s Brent Shelton.

Still, candy and flowers rank as the top Valentine’s gifts.

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